Verb To Be

Ícone iDevice Use the verb to be to introduce yourself and others( Use o verbo to be para apresentações)
Read the dialogues below and fill in the gaps with the verb to be ( Present).


Edward: Hi.
Angelina: Oh, hello.
Edward: Hi, my name Edward. Edward Olson.
Angelina: I Angelina. Angelina Jones. Nice to meet you.

Edward: Nice to meet you too, Angelina.


James: Hi!
Angelina: Hi!
James: you Angelina? Angelina Jones from Miami?
Angelina: Yes, I . I sorry, I don´t remember your name. You ...
James: I James. James Stewart, from Microsoft.
Angelina: Oh, yes. James. How you, James?
James: Fine, thanks. And how beautiful Miami?
Angelina: Beautiful as always. James, this Edward. Edward - James.
Edward: Hello, pleased to meet you.
James: Hi, nice to meet you.


Ícone iDevice Speaking: Meeting new people
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Ícone iDevice Cartoon
Read the cartoon below and answer: Why does the man want to introduce himself to the mother and her baby? You can answer in Portuguese.

Ícone iDevice Use short answers to give your opinion.

a) Is Juliana Paes beautiful?

b) Is Flamengo a good team?

c) Is Felipão an efficient coach?

d) Are you a an honest person?

e) Are Lula and Sergio Cabral serious politicians?

 f) Are motocross and skate dangerous sports?